Internal Speed Dial forwarding to External Mobile number


We have a Trixbox system running FreePBX V 2.1.1. I have been asked to assign a speed dial number (for example 350) to a particular mobile number.

So after searching around on the internet, I understand you can set up a ring group to do this. To dial out we need to press 9 before we do.

So i created a ring group with the following settings:
Group number: 350
Group description: MobileJoeBloggs
Extension: #907900000000
CID name prefix: MobileJoeBloggs
Ring time: 20
Announcement: none
Alert info: (blank)

Destination is no answer:
Core: 160 JoeBloggs - this being the users internal number

When your ringing 350, it doesnt ring. What am I doing wrong?

Is there a better way of doing this?

Thanks for your help

##Create a misc destination##

Description : MobileJoeBloggs
Dial : 907900000000

Submit and Apply Changes

##Now create a misc application##

Description : DialJoeBloggs
Feature Code : 350
Feature Status : Enabled

Misc Destination : MobileJoeBloggs

Submit and Apply Changes


Now when you dial 350 from any extension, it will ring Joe Bloggs.

I have it when you dial 3 (feature code is 3 in my box) it dials the inlaws …

Hope this helps…

Hi Pezzz,

Thank you for your reply but I am very new to Freepbx. How do I create a Misc Destination?

When I go into the Trixbox via a Web browser, I then go into FreePBX, what option do I choose from there?

2.1.1 is insanely old. You need to update. That’s over 5 years old.

I don’t think any of these tips other than the ring group will work.

The phonebook came in 2.4 I think.

Is it an easy update to make? Anything I need to be careful of before updating?

I have no experience with FreePBX that old, but the ring group idea might work if you get the syntax right. On newer versions, the # needs to follow the mobile number not precede it.

i.e. 907900000000#