Internal server error after update

HI I’ve updated the following modules:

core 13.0.112 (current: 13.0.111)
fax 13.0.38 (current: 13.0.33)
framework 13.0.182 (current: 13.0.171)
hotelwakeup 13.0.16 (current: 13.0.15)

and now I get Internal Server Error error
can not log into freepbx,
how do I fix this? how do I roll back?

You need to enable the ‘rewrite’ apache module. Normally ‘a2enmod rewrite’ and then restarting apache will be sufficient to fix it.


It worked, thanks!

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Oh man you saved my day.
Thanks a lot for this awesome fix :slight_smile:

Why FreePBX release this update with such a bad issue!!!

This happened to my RasPBX (Raspberry Pi) after recent updates.
xrobau’s solution worked.

  1. SSH into the freepbx unix command line as root
  2. give ‘a2enmod rewrite’
  3. give ‘reboot’
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