Internal paging showing as missed call

We use internal paging quite often in our facility. Internally we use it for announcements and to contact someone not near a phone, in addition, we use park and page options for when someone missed a call, either the caller can leave a voicemail or they can have the person paged to alert them of the incoming call. So our paging system is activated at least 20 times a day.

We have a default page group set with about 12 phones and 1 Snom PA-1 used to broadcast over the loudspeakers in the building.

Is there any way to mark the missed call elsewhere when it is coming from the page group? I have at least 10 missed calls a day from the page group and it becomes difficult to sort through real missed calls and calls originating from the paging system.

I can’t help you but when we moved from a Mitel to FreePBX we stopped paging to the phones in the plant and just paged the speakers. I’m glad we did this based on what you’re seeing.

We have loudspeakers throughout the buildings, though, so we don’t need to page phones, was just something that was set up a long time ago when we installed the Inter-Tel!

I don’t know that I have the answer, but it might be helpful to know what make and model of phones you have.

Sangoma P330. Unfortunately, some of our offices do not have speakers, only the plant floor and it can be very difficult to hear a page when your in the office unless phones have paging enabled.

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