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Very new to FreePbx but I love it and I would like to say thank you to everybody who has been involved in making it what it is today.

I think i may have internal network issues that lead to very choppy calls. I have dealt with both my ISP’s in regards to making sure that their lines coming in and going out of the site are configured and working properly.

On in coming calls i have an issue where the person calling can hear me just fine but on my side the call is choppy (drops voice and its hard to hear full sentences)

and on out going calls i hear a crackling sound??I have some errors on the dash that i don’t want to mess with until l know what i am doing. I am also not sure if i should disable commercial modals or not. Any way i have seen that most experts ask for information about systems before they can help so here goes…

Asterisk 11.25.3
The local network is on its own domain running DHCP with a smart switch
The hardware that i am running is an i5 with 8G ram. This machine only runs freepbx
to be honest i dont know much about freepbx and would not know what commands to run in the cli to get logs

The system however has some reports that i can obtain.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.

It might be related to your hardware or connection.
So first step it’s better to test with MoH. I mean when someone calls you or you call someone out, put it on hold and check voice quality. It helps to see if there is any problem on your endpoints.
If problem is there, so you can check the status of your hardware (CPU, RAM ,) with “top” or “htop” commands.
also for logs, you can run “asterisk -cvvvvvr” in linux cli and see what’s going on.

PS: Codecs are same in both sides?

Hey psdk

Thank you. I had a look at the codecs again … I changed the order alaw first, ulaw second etc and hey presto crisp quality calls.

Worth noting, your PBX runs asterisk 11 which is EOL, your PBX might need some tune up.

Hi PitzKey

Thinks for the info, I noted on the system i cannot update asterisk as there are other modules that need to be updated first …

As it stands i am as up to date bar the following:

Zulu Stable Sangoma Technologies Corporation [Commercial]/FreePBXCommercialModule-EndUserAgreement.txt) Disabled; Pending Upgrade to

Missing Requirements: * The Module Named " Asterisk REST Interface Users " is required, yours is not installed.

  • Requires engine asterisk (>= 13), you have: asterisk 11.25.3

Asterisk REST Interface Users Stable Sangoma Technologies Corporation [GPLv3+](Locally available: 13.0.4) Missing Requirements:

Requires engine asterisk (>= 12), you have: asterisk 11.25.3

Customer Relationship Management Link Stable Sangoma Technologies Corporation [Commercial]Disabled; Pending Upgrade to 13.0.7

Missing Requirements: * The Module Named " Zulu " is required, but yours is disabled because it needs to be upgraded. Please upgrade Zulu first, and then try again

It is quite confusing that those updates need the other updates to update… I guess at some stage the system was updated in the wrong order. Not sure how to fix this.

Kind regards

To install a new Asterisk version you need to run


Then, to update Asterisk, you run

yum update

To update the PBX modules, you can either do it from module admin, or run

fwconsole ma upgradeall

So you first need to switch to Asterisk 13 or 16, update yum packages and modules

Thank you so much! I am learning new things now.

Where would I use the


command, from the CLI in GUI or from the back end on Linux?

yum update

is a command for Linux as far as i understand

Both commands you’ll have to run from bash

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