Internal FXO Card problems

Hi all;

I’m brand new to FreePBX and was looking to make a new PBX for
I’ve installed the latest network distro.
FreePBX 2.10 with Asterix Ver.
I’ve got a dialogic D/4PCI (4 FXO) internal pci card installed.
I read the installation help and searched the forum here - and I’m now getting the impression that FreePBX only works with Sangoma cards.
Is this correct?
If I’m wrong and this card is suitable, what’s the process to get the system to see it?

The distro supports any card that has drivers for Asterisk DAHDI interface. DAHDI is the Digium TDM stack.

This includes, Digium, Sangoma, Rhino, Openvox and all the Digium clones.

A quick google search shows that DIalogic does not offer a DAHDI driver.

That helps alot.
I’ll look at getting the right card.
Thanks very much for your help.