Internal extension does not work when internet goes down freepbx

Hi Team

Internal extension does not work when internet goes down freepbx. Please suggest


Are they registered to a public domain or is it entirely internal?


Can you ping the server during an outage or access the Web GUI?

yes , with local I can ping and access with browser.

Do you have a local caching or shadowing DNS server to maintain DNS during the outage? If not, that is one more reason not to use chan_sip, as chan_sip is known to stall if it has to wait for definitive DNS responses. If you are getting this with chan_pjsip, or aren’t using SIP at all, please come back.

I am using SIP but do I need DNS when I am using Server IP address on IP phones to register . I am not using pJSIP right now.


Try to use as your main DNS server, above your actual ones. May be this can solve your issue.

Anyway, use pjsip instead of chan_sip.


You need Name Resolution which is not just DNS, if there is no internet, then a dns server that has ‘cached’ any needed name is resilient , but also would be entries in your /etc/hosts file which is preferred over DNS so any address that is asked for by name needs to be available, to find what hosts are needed, then

tcpdump port 53

Will identify queries (and backups in replies) , when you have local entries for everything voipish you should be ok, of course the connections won’t work until the internet comes back

Both are SIP. I believe chan_sip does reverse lookups and I presume it will insist on a definitive answer and not accept a temporary failure.

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