Internal communication

Good afternoon. there are three FreePBX stations in different locations. They are configured for internal communication via the GRE tunnel. From one station under No. 1 it is possible to call stations No. 2 and 3. and from stations No. 2 and 3 it is impossible to call station No. 1 (all lines are busy). tell me where to look for the problem?

failed call log

Properly configured routes and trunks generally work if there are no conflicting local endpoints, we normally use the from-internal context for such ‘tie line’ trunks.

Given all the above, post logs of failing calls

Look in the Trunk module to ensure that the trunks are configured properly. Make sure that each Trunk is configured to use context=from-internal.

Look at the Outbound Routes module to ensure that the remote extensions are programmed to route to the appropriate Trunk.

You can use this guide to set-up your connections. Although it references sending traffic over the internet, you can just use internal IPs if you want to send traffic over your GRE tunnel.

Please provide logs as text, e.g. using the FreePBX pastebin server.

503 is a very generic failure, but it indicates that telkipy received the request and that it was it that didn’t like the call. I think you need to investigate the problem at that end.

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