Internal calls

I was looking for long time but i couldn’t finde exact answear ( Maybe i didnt have enough luck ).

How to make posible calling from one extension to antoher in the easiest way.

Im getting ( 503 service unavailable ) when im trying.

Everything but this working great

If you want help you will have to do a better job of asking your question.

You need to provide information about your system. Logs and peer status is also helpful.

Thx for response

I have the newest frepbx distro. Downloaded 2 weeks ago.
When im tring to call from one extension to another ( 6000 to 6001 ) there is nothing new in logfiles. X-lite shows 503 error. A heve difrent trunks and they works great. I dont know what you mean by peer status , 6000 and 6001 are calling great when im calling out side. But they didnt work localy,Tell me what i have to paste here and i will do it

Sorry for my english ,i hope its clear

This is not normal behavior.

  1. Try changing your Extension #s to something different, i.e. 100, 101.

  2. See if X-Lite has a dial plan setting. I haven’t use X-Lite, but many phone have dial plans that limit what #s you can call. if X-Lite isn’t programmed to allow 4-digit calls, you won’t be able to call extension 6000 or 6001, because X-lite won’t send the call out.

  3. To that end, check the CDR page in FreePBX to see if it has any useful information.

  4. Last resort, go to the Linux Command prompt.

cd /var/log/asterisk
nano full

and page through the Asterisk Logs looking for clues.

CTRL-X to exit.

Oh, and make sure that you don’t have any outbound routes that might be hijacking the calls to the extensions and sending them to your trunks. I don’t think this should be problem, but it won’t hurt to check.

Thx yoy are grate !!!

X-lite dosnt suport 6000 extension numbers
I changed soft phone for Ninija and local calling works grate

Once again thx very much

I had a similar problem, unable to make internal calls.
Outgoing calls working fine.
Problem was caused by overly restrictive dialplan in extension handsets, SPA504G.
Easily fixed, and no changes to FreePBX needed.
Hope this helps somebuddy else.