Internal calls no voicemail

I have set my “Ring Group” to ring 10 seconds after which the voicemail kicks in. Is it possible to allow for longer ringing for internal calls or even to not use voicemail at all?

I’m not sure of the specific answer to your question, but a possible work-around is to create a new Ring-Group for the internal callers to use and set ringing as you need.
However, the real question is, why do they need to have it ring differently for internal callers? Especially to a ring group? Sounds like they need a procedural change, not a program change.

To clear my situation: I have a ring group (extension 200-207) which is used for external calls. When it’s not answered it goes to voicemail. What I want is when an internal call is made (e.g. from extension 200 to 201) the phone keeps ringing until the call is terminated by the caller and not because the voicemail kicks in.

Is that possible?

I still say you need a work-around like what I suggested before, where you create a new ring-group, add ext 200-207 to it, then ring until answered. At this point you only need to tell ext 200&201 to dial the different ring-group. Like a back-door number for ext 201-200.

Think of this as a scenario where you want to override the Ring-Group rule based on caller-id and have it (not) go to voicemail. IDK how to do this. Any Gurus able to help?

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Fix this simply by setting Optional Destinations => No Answer to extension “self”. The phone now keeps ringing when dialed directly and goes to voicemail when dialed from a ring group.