Internal call answered externaly

(Marco) #21

Hi jcolp, thanks again for your reply, unfortunately this option is allready set for this extension,
but this option help text states adress-port is it the ip, too?

best regards


(Joshua C. Colp) #22

it states “source IP address-port”. Did you reload after applying such a thing? Did you confirm it is matching the appropriate entry? It seems to be coming in as anonymous, so if the option is not applied to anonymous it would have no impact.

(Marco) #23

ah ok, sounds good.
since i’m very new to this voip stuff, could you tell me where one could set this?
is this an otion for the extension? how could this option be named?

thank you very much
best regards

(Tom Ray) #24

OK this is now the point to where you show us the whole call not just a snippet or one packet of the call like your previous examples. Put it on pastebin so the formatting is correct and give us the link.

We can’t guess what things look like or how they are actually being sent. We need to see actual data.

(Dave Burgess) #25

Did anyone but me notice the “PJSIP/anonymous” part? That’s almost always not good.

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