Intermittent silence with P series phones

When using P-series phones there are several periods with silence during the call. The silence lasts for about 1-2 seconds every time.
I only have this problem with the P series phones (2 x P320 tested), and it’s only happening using SIP trunks. If I transfer the choppy ongoing call from a P series phone to Sangoma Talk, Sangoma Desktop, Zulu or another SIP phone, quality is perfect. Transferring back to a P-series, same problem. Inbound and outbound.
Calling internally between P series phone, from a P series to other non P series extensions is perfect.
Have tried to disable G722 in the SIP settings, and trunk side, but problem remains.

Any ideas?

You’ll need to capture some sip traffic on a call when this is happening to see if there is any packet loss on these phones for whatever reason.

My computer and the phones (P-series and 3rd party) are connected to the same switch. Doesn’t make sense other than it must be an issue with the firmware on the P-series phones. Have also upgraded to the last firmware.

If you’re not using the most recent firmware, please upgrade and see if that helps. There is a recent(ish) fix that tweaks some of the DSP settings, tho there are no reports that match exactly what you’re reporting.

If issues continue on new fw, please work with phone support to identify what’s going on.

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