Intermittent Intercom Functionality

I have a system of Polycom 335s, 331s, and a 650. Some times the intercom and paging function will work on them. However after an asterisk reload, they stopped working. Is there a hard fix to make them work properly?


This is what asterisk says when the intercom fails:

[2013-08-26 05:50:51] WARNING[17697][C-0000054c]: channel.c:4810 ast_prod: Prodding channel ‘SIP/0-00000a6b’ failed

rather dramatically for paging and intercom on polycom phones with freepbx. I know that the OSS EPM does not generate the correct files (you can edit the templates however). we were seeing that the polycom phones either would not answer the page or would answer and then not hang up.

here are a few notes we made when we fixed this sometime ago

Edit the appropriate sip.cfg file (see next item) with the following


       voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.value="Auto Answer" 




change the 00000000.cfg file to use the appropriate sip file (currently 3333 i.e. sip_3333.cfg)but check the tfptboot file

Hmm ok. I used the below code in my sip.cfg. I checked OSS and it is uploading my modified sip file correctly. It should in theory be answering. The config file for the phones points to sip.cfg. Do I need to edit the 3333 file as well? Or if I understand you correctly, should I just change the config for the phone to point to that other sip file?