Intermittent Incoming

Having an issue with incoming calls. About 30% of the time when trying to dial my inbound number I get a “your call cannot be completed as dialed” message on the POTS calling phone. Rest of the time the call hits my PBX and I get the audio announcement I’d expect then the call routes to my extension. There doesn’t seem to be anything that affects it. Sometimes 5 calls in a row will work and then 3 will fail, there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to the issue.

Assuming a SIP trunk. If not, please provide details.

Assuming an on-site PBX behind a NAT. If not, provide details.

If this is a trunk requiring registration and you don’t have the SIP port forwarded in your router/firewall, the NAT association could be timing out. Try increasing the UDP timeout in the router to e.g. 300 seconds. Confirm that you have a reasonable qualify interval for the trunk (the pjsip default of 60 seconds is fine).

Your provider may send calls from multiple IP addresses, one or more of which are being blocked by your hardware firewall or the PBX firewall.

If you still have trouble, please post: Modem make/model? Configured as router? Separate router/firewall, if any? Trunking provider? Using pjsip or chan_sip? Using registration or IP authentication? On a failing call, if anything appears in the Asterisk log, paste it at and post the link here.

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which sip trunk provider are you using?

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