Intermittent incoming calls


I have been experiencing this intermittent issue for some time now and I am not sure what is causing this behaviour. Sometimes, incoming calls from outside, go into some sort of loop when the calls reach the end-points?

When this occurs, the caller ID displays as “Unknown” on the phone displays. FreePBX does not show the caller ID either in the call history during this intermittent event. It is also not possible to answer these calls when this event occurs, if I try to answer, I just get the hang-up tone but other phones in the group are still ringing? In the call history on FreePBX, when this strange event occurs, I get loads of “2-second” calls that all occur with the exact same time stamp with no caller ID, that’s just blank.

This doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough to be annoying. I probably have something set incorrectly somewhere, I’d appreciate any advice that I could be given to hopefully resolve this annoying problem.


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