Intermittent Calls w/ No-Audio Issue > PJSIP Trunk & Endpoints

We are having an issue where calls are connecting, but with no audio. Anecdotally, this is happening frequently, but not on every call, and if one of the parties terminates the call and then re-attempts, the call completes without issue.

I have attempted to replicate the issue, but all of my test calls have completed successfully. What should I look for in the logs to track down the issue?

Likely packet captures of call examples in order to look at the RTP streams and the SDP to see where the disconnect is. As you say, you cannot replicate so this may be difficult.

sngrep is likely a good starting point for this, perhaps your rtp port range is not set cortrectly if you are forwarding them on your router.

Thanks for the tip about sngrep; I was not aware of it, but it looks like a very useful tool. I have it running to hopefully catch an offending call.

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