Intermittent call quality/Dropouts


we run free pbx 13 hosted in kvm on Nethserver

i have weird issue that has just begun, i got reports of call quality usual intermittent mettalic/robotic voice

i have tracked it down to dropped packets from the server i ran a continuous ping to our pbx server and saw the connection was dropping. which coincided with the reports of call quality (obviously) the question now is why

it now keeps happening intermittently so it has been reponding to pings for the last hour but then suddenly dropped again

i ran asterisk -vvvvv and watched as calls went through but received no errors,

i checked the overview stats of the vm and cpu usage and memory all appear to be in order.

any ideas where i can go next with narrowing this down

i’ve been doing a little more digging.

our pbx server routes out via a seperate Gamma Router which sits on our lan so lan network 192.168.x.x/23 and the gateway (Gamma Router has ip of 192.168.x.253 pbx server 192.168.x.252

if i run a continuous ping to both pbx server and gamma router when i see the dropouts i see them on both server and router - i also ran 2 other pins to other devices on network another serve and our main router and there were no dropouts here,

so it seems linked to the 2 devices.

now it appears since everyone has left for the evening the issue has cleared up and all pings successfull. the question is has anyone seen this behaviour before?

it appears it may be a device on the network causing the problem but there are no ip conflicts what could a device be doing to cause this dropout - it seems more than a coincidence or am i barking up the wrong tree here, thoughts please.

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