Intermittent Call Handling

Its been working well, someone calls, the Obi110 sends the call to the Pi, they hear an announcement then get put through to the IVR before going to a ring group / voicemail.

I tried to call home the other day and it went straight to the freepbx voice saying that the call couldnt be connected.
I tried again and it went straight to IVR
Next time it failed
Next time it worked fine.

Its intermittent.

I have just ran raspbx-upgrade and checked all the modules are up to date and dashboard doesnt field any errors.

Any idea what the problem might be ?

No, assuming you are using the same equipment for your test, I would guess its a connectivity issue. The logs, or pulling up the Asterisk CLI with high verbosity, while you make the call and have it fail would point you in the right direction.

Question. I assume you have Google Voice on the OBI and the PBX uses the OBI as the Trunk.
If that’s the case, how did you connect them?

Im not using Google Voice. I dont know what it is but I do not think that the Obi110 supports Google Voice anymore.

I use the Obi to pick up calls from the landline.

I will find the logs and see if that tells me anything.

Incoming call --> Landline --> OBI --> SIP Connection to PBX?

Correct me if I got this wrong. If I got it right, than might be there’s an issue with the SIP connection.

Monitor asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvv

The “full” log is /var/log/asterisk/full.

If you turn on debugging, the output will be included in that. The advantage of that over monitoring Asterisk using "asterisk -vr’ is that you also get time stamps, so some other “non-SIP” issues can be identified.

If it fails every other time consistently, it isn’t intermittent.

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