Intermittant Inbound ext-fax/HANGUP issues

In CDR reports, see a lot of inbound calls answered by system fax, but see a lot that show up as HANGUP :

ReceiveFAX s [ext-fax] ANSWERED 01:40
The above looks perfectly normal.

Two entries below from same callerID displaying HANGUP as the APP with different times.

|Tue, 25 Aug 2020 10:55| |Hangup| s [ext-fax]|ANSWERED|00:56
|Tue, 25 Aug 2020 10:51| |Hangup| s [ext-fax]|ANSWERED|00:23

Perhaps someone can tell me why the Hangup is displayed and what might be causing the PBX to not receive the fax.

udptl loaded and working…
Module Description Use Count Status Support Level
udptl UDPTL 3 Running core

System is: FreePBX
Asterisk: 16.11.1

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