Intermitent inbound Sending fake auth rejection for device for valid call

Hi there

I have set up an Elastix install running as a VM on a server at home as a home system with 5 extensions. Intermittently incoming calls are rejected with the message
Sending fake auth rejection for device… in the Asterisk logs. I know these are valid attempts as I can see my mobile number and they are coming from the IP of our SIP provider.

I have my Firewall set to block all SIP connections except from my SIP providers range. If I call back in a few minutes, the call may connect. It appears random. I am sure our SIP provider uses several SIP gateways and was wondering if this could be related. I know it is not a firewall issue as I see it in the Asterisk log.

My googling has only returned results for people who are being hacked, which is not the case in this instance.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

PS I am new to Asterisk and linux, but not to computers/networking/firewalls etc, so be kind.

You have described the same exact issue that I have been having for three days now. Have you found any solution or work around for this?

If you have the “exact same issue” you could perhaps get better support from Elastix, we don’t support it here in the same way that Elastix doesn’t support FreePBX.

I just figured since Elastix uses FreebPBX your solution would help me.

A very old and patched version of FreePBX, a lot has changed in four years, and no-one here know what they did to it.

My solution would be to dump it and use a real FreePBX that is supported here, and make sure you have alwaysauthreject=yes in your sip configuration, that might break your VSP but that would be their error.