Interface issues over VPN - one works one doesn't

I have a FreePBX System 60 I am having a little trouble with one interface over a vpn connection.

eth0 connected directly to telco’s SBC - /24
eth1 VOIP Network /24
eth2 Office LAN / Internet connection for updates /24

When I try to connect to the interface over the VPN (OpenVPN on a PfSense gateway) the FreePBX box does not reply to ping/sip/web requests. A tcpdump on that interface shows the request but no reply. I checked the other interfaces and the reply is not going out those either. However, if I use the eth2 address everything works as it should. It is just not the network I would like that phone connected to.

I have added all of the associated networks to the firewall as local trusted traffic. I have also added all of the associated networks to the local network list in the sip nat settings.


How can I determine if the firewall is blocking this?


In general, when you have more than one NIC and you have set one of them as the default gateway, you need to set static routes for the cases when you want specific traffic to go out through a specific interface.

If you could describe your setup with a little more detail, maybe I can try to help you.

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That was my problem Thank You! Added route for the vpn on that interface and it is now working.

Thanks Again!

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