Interface is slow and calls wont connect

We came into the office this morning and found that calls either internally or externally were not connecting when dialed. Extensions would ring but when the user answers nothing would happen and the caller would still hear ringing. We have rebooted all of the devices and have run a check disk on the PBX but have found anything. The web interface is exceptionally slow but we are able to navigate so I have done a backup and i am prepping a new box.

Any thoughts on what is causing this issue?

It’s a vague description, but I have seen behavior like this on a very small number of servers running Asterisk 13 and an outdated FreePB Core module. Reboot if necessary, and update all FreePBX modules.

Sorry, i know its a vague description but the symptoms are very strange and I am not sure what could be causing it. I have updated all the available modules to the most current but that didnt help.

I should also mention that working on the PBX directly the CLI is also very slow. When logging in you enter your user and it takes about 15 seconds for it to ask for the password.

Log in as root on the console and run the program ‘w’.

What is your load average?

If it’s low (under 1.0) run ‘top’ and watch to see what’s eating your resources.

the only consistant thing is init but its not taking CPU or memory resources…

Vert 2900
RES 1460
SHR 1204
Mem .1

Do you have a sip trunk in your system?