Interface FreePBX VoIP with DUKANE MCS350T/R64-25-1

Hello all, we have a DUKANE MCS350T/R64-25-1 intercom system. It’s is quite proprietary as far as I can tell, in fact, it seems most DUKANE’s are (after some research). That being said, it was interfaced with the old phone before we went FreePBX and VoIP. I have one Cyberdata SIP Paging interface, as well as a HomeMade Sip Paging interface, both work on the same premise. The Cyberdata interface offers a standard RCA out, to interface with an amp on the intercom system, it also offers an 8 wire interface, with two pins before for sound out…as far as I can tell… Has anyone done a simple analog interface with the DUKANE MCS350T/R64-25-1, I simply want to put the RCA out, on the SIP paging device, into an input on the DUKANE MCS350T/R64-25-1. Now, one would think that would be easy, but like I said, this system is all proprietary, I have no manual, and even the amps are proprietary on this system, they are AMP Cards. I simply want to interface with it and have the analog sound output from my paging device, to input into the DUKANE, and play on all the loudspeakers attached to the intercom system. Does anyone on here have experience with the DUKANE MCS350T/R64-25-1? Can anyone provide any guidance? Any input is fully appreciated. I’m going to go stare at the system tomorrow, to see if anything jumps out at me…but right now…it just looks like a series of modular cards…

I’m going to answer my own post on this, in case anyone wants to interface FreePBX Voip with a DUKANE MCS350T/R64-25-1. This system has a “phone” card, that provides a TIP and RING connector with voltage, and essentially acts as an FXS port. If you hook an analog phone up to the FXS connectors on the DUKANE phone card, using the analog phones FXO port, one will get a dial tone from the Dukane phone card, and one can then dial the *01 to page at this point. At this point, you will need a SIP adapter that has an FXO port. I chose the HT813 since it has one FXS and one FXO port. You can register the SIP account, against the network/FXO port, and at this point, you can directly page the DUKANE intercom from a VoIP phone on your network.

I hope that helps others.

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