Interconnect Voipswitch to freepbx via AMI

hi all,
please can somebody help,
I would like to know what the command would be in the AMI to allow my voipswitch to connect to it(freepbx) and allow all outgoing routes in my freepbx to the voipswitch.


I think what you’re looking for are trunks (sip/iax/h323/skinny/isdn,etc). Are you sure you know AMI and what it does?

well not really…I have been given the task from my partner who is away…
he said to me that if I log into the AMI I could do this quicky with 1 line command? rather than to log into gui?
im not sure

I thin he meant CLI and you can’t create trunks outside the GUI with FreePBX

Well this is either a test of your ability to adapt and overcome or he doesn’t like you. There could be other possibilities.

You have made a good first step coming for help.

You can find some of the nuts and bolts in our wiki:
For community support we are data driven folks. The more data the better the help.

Let’s get some basic data:
What is your end goal. You have provided the roads you think you should take but not really the final destination. Let us be google maps. Give us a start and end we will try to provide a route. Keep in mind we cannot help you drive from Texas to Hawaii.

What is your voipswitch:
Model, software, versions.

Walk us through a call from the inside to the outside.
Walk us through a call from the outside to the inside

Example: provider -> point A -> Point B -> …-> user

The hope here is you have a good grasp of what you need the end result to be. If not then you may wish to contact the person who delegated the task for more details or simply table it until they return.

You could also buy an hour of support personally and take credit for it. Nobody will tell on you.

Not to turn down free money which is always great. Coming to support without a clear objective may leave you a bit lighter in the wallet but no further along. Even our support guys are data driven.

sorry for not being very clear…ok this is how it is…we have freepbx set up in our office…we have a lot of free minutes everymonth so we are offering them to a buyer.
he says that I should interconnect his softswitch via my AMI…I don’t really want to ask him for his help as he will think I don’t know anything myself and may take advantage of this.
So from the AMI can I execute a command with his IP info so he can use the minutes?

Most contracts with carriers only allow a single PBX to interconnect. You need to be careful and follow the terms.

Again, the AMI is not a user interface. Maybe he means AMP, but nobody uses that terminology anymore.

Why dont you get the basic data from him and try and build a trunk.

If the trunk is not authenticated you just need the host IP and CODEC type

If they need authentication get the username and password.