Interconnect two servers

I have 2 servers, one runs [email protected] for a few years now and is connected to a PSTN network. The other server is a trixbox 2.6, that we will migrate to later. The trixbox server is not connected to PSTN, but i wanna make calls to it. So i interconnected the two servers, following this guide:
When i try to call on the trixbox, i get the message 'all circuits are busy now’
The numbers i try to call to have this form: '093575312’
So intered this dialpatern in both outside routes: '0XXXXXXXX’
What do i do wrong?

Provide details please. Specifically the outbound route you defined on the non PSTN system pointing to the other.

Once you created the IAX trunk you still need to program a route to know about it. If not it will not use it.

I’ve bought the new trixbox 2.6 book and followed the guide there. It works now :slight_smile: