Intercom with SIP client, how to distinguish from which button is pressed

The intercom we have is a Comelit one at which we added a IP Gateway that has a SIP client.
I can program which number the SIP client calls when a button is pressed on te intercom outside.
I cannot choose which SIP user it uses.

So in my case the SIP user is 302. Depending on which button is pressed it will either call 501 or 502
(Those are the group numbers)

I would like to be able to see which button was pressed (House, Office) on the phones in the office.
Is there a way by code or number called to transform how the intercom presents itself?

Create two ring groups, 501 and 502. As desired, route them to different extensions (if all the phones have a spare line button), give them different Alert Info (phones will ring with different ring tones), or different CID Name Prefix (phones will show different caller names).

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