Intercom to Analog phone with gateway

we have a couple analog phones. Works perfectly fine, but when you intercom, it rings once and hangs up. Is this a feature that needs setup in the gateway? We are using a grandstream HT801. I don’t see anything for auto answer. How should this be configured?

Analog devices can’t auto answer.

so there are no options for intercom at all?

That’s not what he said.

There are Intercom devices out there that can be connected to a POTS line. has a lot of different solutions. Bogen (the big “overhead” paging company) also sells a couple of different interfaces for their paging systems that work with POTS lines.

Your gateway does not support auto answer. I am not aware of any gateways for analoh devices that do since their isn’t a signal with analog how would you tell the phone to go onto speaker mode

I see - yeah, you can’t get there from here.

If you want to do this, you will either rneed to switch out the gateway and use a different ATA or put in different devices. Viking makes really good gate phones.

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