Intercom, ring-answer changes not sticking

I have the latest FreePBX system with all updates, and Digium D70 and D40 phones. The client wants all exten to exten calls to be Intercom calls. That part works, but it gives a full ring before going into the auto-answer mode. Very annoying. I did the “fwconsole m a” and updated the page-answer table and change the record for Digium from ring-answer to intercom. That change is ignored. The only way to fix it is to manually edit the extensions_additional.conf file and change the line of code. That only holds until the next time I update a module or make a change and click Apply. then both changes are over-written. How on earth do I make the change stick???

I even copied the entire macro-autoanswer routine from extensions_additional.conf and pasted it into extensions_custom.conf and still it is ignored.

look for extensionsoverrideconf. That will save your change between reloads.

Thank you. I made that change. I’ll see how long this lasts! It seems there should be a GUI method of changing the database values and making them stick.

The database changes do stick, but changing the files by hand doesn’t. That’s the specific reason for the *override* file. It’s never overwritten by the system (except on a hard install, which starts with a drive format).

Now that you’ve tested it, I recommend submitting a Feature Request or Bug Report (whichever you prefer) so that the change can be evaluated for inclusion in the system.