Intercom Not Working Across Internal IAX Link

I am trying to create an IAX link and call flow between two offices. I have the link up and running and users are able to call each other by simply dialing their extension but, I am unable to make intercom calls between offices. Intercom calls within the offices work fine but when I try to make an intercom call to another office, the call is terminated. Looking at the call log it appears that the local intercom feature is trying to handle the call instead of forwarding the intercom call to the remote PBX even though an outbound route is configured.

I used this guide entitled “Connecting Two FreePBX/Asterisk Systems Together Over the Internet” in the Wiki to set up the link. I can’t post a link as I am a new user but, a simple Google search should reveal the article I am speaking of.

only difference is one of my offices are extensions 100 - 199 and the other is 300 -399. The outbound route match pattern is therefor *801XX on one system and *803XX on the other system.

I also have no problem dialing between the systems with *81.

That outcome doesn’t actually surprise me.

The solution might be to set up local extensions for your remote extensions and forward the call to the remote phone. I don’t know if that’s going to get you where you want either, but it gets around the “local extensions only” part of the problem.

What happens if you dial *801the_intercom_feaure_code_plus_the_extension ?

The call fails with a SIP 404 response code.

Appropriate extensions for [300 -399] need to be added to the [ext-intercom-users-custom] context

Okay, guys/gals, it took some crazy doing but I have made it work. Thanks for the reply dicko but I didn’t see it until I had already done what I am going to explain below. Hopefully someone can use this in the future.

Here is what I did

  1. Change the Intercom feature code to *81
  2. Create a custom trunk with a Custom Dial String of “Local/[email protected]
  3. Create an outbound route using the above created trunk. Add the following dial pattern (*81)*80|1XX replacing the “1” with whatever number is appropriate for the local extensions on that PBX to that outbound route.
  4. Went to the outbound routes that route calls to appropriate remote PBXs based on extension number and added the dial pattern (*81)*80|1XX again replacing the “1” with whatever number is appropriate for the remote extension on the remote PBX

Hope this make sense.

byzantine but effective :slight_smile: hope you don’t need to to do that too many times.