Intercom Call - "The Leader Has Left The Conference" Message at Temination

After updating to 6.12.65-22 -> 6.12.65-23 -> 6.12.65-24 we are getting an unexpected message and dings when intercom calls are initiate and terminated.

I am not certain if the unexpected operation is due specifically to the updates.

When an intercom call is initiated and auto answered there is a DaDing sound played on both the initiating and receiving extensions. The DaDing sound is the same (or similar) sound played when a user joins a conference.

When the initiator of the intercom call terminates the intercom call, the intercom receiver is played the message “The Leader Has Left The Conference”. This is obviously the message that is played when the initiator of a conference call leaves the conference.

We have call recording forced on the extensions.
To remedy I have tried the following unsuccessfully:

  1. Deleting a conference group we had set up.
  2. Disabling (denying) call recording.
  3. Uninstalling Conference Pro and Conference modules.

How can we resume prior intercom call behavior, which was one beep played when an intercom call was initiated and nothing played when terminated.

Thank you…

Please file a bug: