Intercom button failing

I have a BLF button setup on my phones that dials *80 for Intercom and then the user would put in the extension they wish to connect to. I believe that was initially working however now it gives me a busy signal and states incomplete address. Am I wrong in thinking this was initially working and I now have an issue or is this an incorrect setup and it never worked. If so, is there a proper way to accomplish adding an Intercom button that allows the user to input the extension. Thanks for any help.

watch the asterisk cli and see what you see there.
if you dial *80 manually does it work?

I should have mentioned - *80 manually does not work. Same busy signal and same incomplete address statement.

Asterisk CLI shows this when I manually enter *80

Using SIP RTP TOS bits 184
Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5

Thanks for your reply.

Check the Feature Code page and make sure you are using the right feature code. IIRC, “*8” is Group Pickup, so “*80” might not be the right code for your system.

Appreciate the reply. I checked that already. It is set properly. I should mention it is a Yealink t48s phone.

You know that *80 is the intercom prefix, right? If you extension is 2000, you need to dial *802000. With your original description, it sounds like you are on the right path.

Have you checked the logs? A excerpt around the *80 call might help us understand what is happening, especially since it would tell us what context is being called to process the dialed string.

Make sure the key is set as type “prefix”.

That works. Flew right by that one. Thanks for the reply.

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