Intercom Beep & Other Intercom Features

Not sure if this is effecting all devices, but on all my Aastra 480i and 57i devices, the intercom works however only the receiving party gets a beep when intercom is used.

If using paging group the beep works properly, the sending phone hears the beep as well as the receiving phones hear the beep.

Not a major issue, but the person using intercom never gets an audible notice that the session connected.

This is on a newly installed PBXIAF system running 2.5-branch

Also enabling the Splash tone setting on the phones allows a beep to come through from the sending intercom phone, however it then also plays a beep on the phone when any other extension is ringing in the office, which is quite annoying!

One additional question, on an old AT&T merlin system I am trying to replace, if a person is on a call and another user intercoms them, as long as the first person is using the receiver the intercom still comes through on the speaker, which is an amazing feature.

Is that possible to replicate?

If the person is on speaker obviously it would just be busy for the intercom sender.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

to achieve the last request is probably unlikely. We specifically check if the phone line is busy and do not even attempt to ring it because the behavior varies between different phones. Some will send the current call on hold, very annoying. Others will report back busy. And I’ve heard (but never confirmed) that some phones will accept the other call and put the incoming voice into a whisper mode so the far end part hears nothing, but you can hear. If you had a phone that could do that, then it would be possible to customize the intercom to not detect the hangup and just send it through. You could test the phone’s capability with a page group and the “Force If Busy” box checked.

The phones I have are Aastra 480i and 57i devices.

Does anyone know if they are capable of intercom over speaker or whisper mode while on a call? If not what devices are capable of this feature?