Intercom auto answer not working on Digium phones

Asterisk 13.18.0
Digium DPMA
Digium D45 and D70 phones

This has been working for years and just yesterday stopped working and the phones all just ring. All internal calls used to trigger intercom and auto-answer on all the phones. Again, been find for years. The only thing I did was upgrade the phones to the latest firmware 2.7.2. I reverted them back to 2.6.6 but the issue remains. I know this system uses Digium and DPMA and this newsgroup isn’t really for that but it is a Freepbx system and I am hoping someone else on here has the same problem??? and knows the fix?

Watching tcpdump and scanning the logs, it appears Asterisk is sending the proper Alert-Info string. I am not a guru by an means but it sure looks right. I can not dial *80xxx and get it to intercom either.

  • Gary
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It works. I’ve checked 2.6.8 and 2.7.2. Something in a configuration has likely changed somewhere.

Same issue here. Worked previously. Not sure what changed that caused it to stop working. Agree that the firmware update didn’t cause the issue. Our custom alert_info appears to be broken as well.

Found issue was with Core update. We rolled back to and issue has gone away with auto-answer, intercom, and our custom alert info.

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We have a custom alert also, a very short beep. The included one is waaaayyyy too long. Any solution yet?

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