Intercom and Paging

I am using
Freepbx 2.3.02
Asterisk 1.4.6

Aastra 57i phones

While trying to setup the phones I needed to setup the Intercom to Ring and then auto-answer. I have feature codes set to *80 for the intercom. When I dial *80 and the extension # the phone just rang and did not auto-answer. I worked through the problem with an Aastra engineer and had to modify extensions_additional.conf to correct the problem.
Aastra 5xi phones need

exten => _*80.,n,Set(__ALERT_INFO=“info=alert-autoanswer”)
exten => _*80.,n,Set(__ALERT_INFO=Ring Answer) as set by Freepbx

I know you do not modify this conf because it will be rewritten from Freepbx.
What do I have to do to override this line so I can make the 57i’s work properly?

First I would like to know a work around?

Second - just a thought:
Is there a way to create a phone model specific converter file to interprete the commands that the phone mfr uses verses what Freepbx uses - Anotherwords when you setup your extension you choose your phone mfr and model - this would link to a converter file for that phone and then when you activate options the option would look to the converter file to see what the specific command string is that it needs to use for that extension?

Maybe have the mfrs create conversion files for their phones.

I know it gets much deeper as you would also need to know the ver of the firmware also. But it may be an easier way to add features to Freepbx without having to customize each install for the particular phone being used.

Jerry Pahl

The issue is that it is just hard coded now and the paging/intercom module is in needs of rewriting. It will be re-architected so that each device can indicate the requirements to initiate the auto-answer. There was some discussion on it on PagingIntercom.

Check in the ticket system or in the Tips&Tricks forum for what was changed to fix this for Mitel. It is fairly straight forward although if the paging module updates you will need to make the fix again. (So it is best to create a patch file once you make a change so that you can re-apply it).

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