Intercom and paging

im wondering if there is a how to on adding (correctly) phone settings for intercom and the page option. first, im not a newb, but certainly not a power user either. my thing is network and infrastructure security. anyway, i digress, am i missing some easy stuff on this? the polycom 501s work well, after much fiddling. the 650s do not. also, the cisco 79xx series phones wont work correctly either, and in fact, reboot every so often, out of the blue. any thoughts on my mish mash of challenges?


I am not sure what to tell you. You did not tell us one single thing about your system or the software running on it so it is impossible to offer any real assistance.

The Cisco 79xx do not support sip info auto-answer. You have to dedicate a line appearance to intercom.

Hello can you go into a little detail on “You have to dedicate a line appearance to intercom”. That peaked my interest because I have D-Link voip phones that do not support *80 intercom/paging. Thanks