Inter Digit Pause

Hi, I hope someone can help.

I am looking for the inter digit pause timer .

If I dial a number - say 07860 123456 and pause between dialing the 07860 and the 123456 freePbx plays a recorded announcement " your call cannot be completed at this time…" Where is the timer for this and can it be extended as at the moment I feel it is too short.

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That timer is not on FreePBX, but on the phone, and it depends on the make and model of the phone if that timer can be changed.

Or on any ATA if involved

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Thanks - that makes sense, the ATA I am using is a Sipura SPA3102. Now I just need to look for the offending timer.

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Ok I have found it, it is in the Regional Section and there are two timers. 1 = Interdigit long timer and 2 = interdigit short timer.

I have increased these and all is well.

Thanks for all your help.


Best to just use ‘closed’ dial strings , for example if you have all numbers 11 digits long beginning with 0 and three digit extensions between 200 and 899


Is a start, add your feature codes and short codes to suit

This is not an optimal solution, because there will be a long delay after dialing before the SPA sends the call to the PBX. Instead, you can construct your dial plan so most calls have no delay and some only a short delay.

An SPA dial plan consists of several patterns. As you dial, the device attempts to match the digits you enter against the patterns. If there are only partial matches (you haven’t provided all the digits for any pattern), the system waits the long timer to allow you to enter more. If there is a complete match and all other patterns have mismatched, the device knows your number is complete and sends it to the PBX immediately. If there is a complete match but one or more partial matches, your number may be valid but may also be the start of a valid longer number; the device waits for only the short timer before sending the number. If everything mismatches, the device plays a ‘reorder’ tone and does not send the call to the PBX.

Assuming that your system does not require you to dial 0 for an outside line (recommended for several reasons), here is a guess at a suitable dial plan:


I assumed here that you have no more than 10 extensions, numbered 130-139. You could of course choose other ranges that don’t conflict with the UK numbering plan.

My guides were and – I don’t know whether they are accurate. Let me know of any errors.

BTW, did you get a SIP trunk set up?

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