Integration of IPPBX with Legacy PBX

Hello everyone,

I am novice in the IPPBX world.

However i want to intregrate my existing Legacy PBX with ASTERISK IPPBX server because i has lot of extra feature.

NOw is it possible to do it.?? plz help me to sort out this assignment

There are many threads that describe users integrating with legacy systems.

The bottom line is you have to trunk the systems together (you did not tell us what your legacy system is) and then create a dialplan to expose as many features as possible to the legacy system.

Thanks for response…

I want to use FXO card in integration and PSTN trunk .



i am now using panasonic pbx system .

Your Asterisk PBX will be acting like a SIP frontend for your legacy PBX. You can even use the Asterisk voicemail and all of the features with the legacy PBX. Here’s how to use a FXO port and here’s how to use a T1 line. Either can go to the PSTN or trunk to the legacy PBX.