Integrating Freepbx 13 with Samsung Officesrv 7200

Hi, I am new to the forum. This is my first post. I have been installing and maintaining Freepbx systems for the last 4 years. I have been asked to integrate Freepbx with a Samsung Officeserv 7200. I have limited knowledge of the Samsung Officeserv. Is there anyone out there who has managed to integrate both systems successfully. Ideally I need to set up a trunk between the two systems to make outbound SIP calls and allow the Samsung extensions to call the Freepbx extensions (and vice versa). The idea is to phase out the Samsung Officeserv over the next year or so (the system is only 5 years old, so a difficult sell to dump it and start again with a new Freepbx system). Any advice much appreciated.

which system is going to retain the trunks to the PSTN ? thats not clear

regardless you’ll need an outbound route to match the dial pattern for the officeserv extensions to direct calls over that trunk

if the extensions overlap you could look at a prefix

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Thanks for the quick response. The Officeserv will retain the trunks initially until the main numbers are ported across to SIP (once I have migrated enough extensions to the Freepbx box). Thanks in advance.

The only thing I have found with a bit of googling are the attached images. This seems to show the setup for an external trunk, but I’m not sure whether I will need a SIP license for the Samsung Officeserve in order to make it work. I’ve looked at the Officeserve licenseing and it seems to imply that I would need a SIP license - it’s not clear however whether this will only allow one channel, or whether it will allow multiple channels for each extension. Any help on setting up the extensions to be able to communicate between both systems would be greatly appreciated.

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