Integrating Bria presence with FreePBX Call Queues


Using FreePBX Distro 14.

Is there any way to integrate presence set by an extension connected to a FreePBX call queue using Bria?

Example: User changes their presence in Bria to away, busy, not available for calls, DND but their extension still rings when calls from the queue come in because FreePBX still sees the extension as being available.

I’m guessing the answer here is no but figured I’d ask here first! If the answer is no, is there a softphone solution with presence that does integrate with FreePBX?

I don’t think the answer is “no”, but it is going to take a little more analysis to see if that can work.

Can you do a SIP (or XMPP) trace to see what the phone is doing when you “pause” it?

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