Instead of call waiting=no, can this be done?

I would like an option so when someone calls an extension that is busy, it will prompt the caller “the party you are calling is on the phone. to try calling, press 1” or something like that, instead of sending them to the busy destination or just doing call waiting; since with call waiting, the caller doesn’t know the person is busy; they only hear normal ring meanwhile the recipient of the call has hassle with several unimportant calls ringing. but if there is prompt that asks the caller if they want to continue to press 1, then the recipient knows it’s more important.


VmX Locater™

would work for you.

VMX + specific busy message in everyone’s voicemail, yup.

Wondering how to do it when voicemail is disabled?

Turn on voicemail. Just because VM is on, doesn’t mean you have to send anyone to voicemail (Optional Destinations).™

When I have voicemail enabled and custom option of maxmsg=0, it plays the greeting and disconnects but when they press the options for VmXlocator during greeting, nothing happens

If you want voicemail working in any way, including the ‘Locator’ , then why would you set maxmsg to 0 ?

Because as mentioned, the prompt that plays tells caller that the person is on the phone and they can press 0 to have it ring their phone again

And the whole concept is that they can be alternatively prompted to press 1 or 2 which you can if you want redirect directly to voicemail which of course will NOT ring their phone.

the voicemail greeting plays right now but ignores any input for VmX locator (0/1/2). How to make it actually take the options pressed

don’t have maxsg set to 0 (which will short circuit the dialplan as you effectively set the voicemail box to not take any messages) ?


Ok, but isn’t VmXLocator still supposed to work even if mailbox is full / message limit set at 0?

No, comedianmail is a legacy subsystem that precedes Asterisk (hence FreePBX) and has it’s own rules and database and call progression, when your box is full or disabled, most everything will stop working.


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