Installing SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1706-1 onto VMware or HyperV failing

I’m just wondering if anyone else having issues getting this latest release to install properly on an ESXi 6 or HyperV environment? 10.13.66-64bit release are all working perfectly for me on these same systems.

I’m getting a myriad of error messages on both console messaging and in the GUI when I attempt to login, all point to a failed install in my experience. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just the lucky one?

I just installed SNG7 on VMWare 6.5 esxi. Worked fine, no issues. Just saying it worked for me.

Hard to know when you haven’t posted a single log/error/etc. What’s the actual problem you’re having?

I can say I am running VMware 6.5 and had no issues with the install the other day. Works great so far? What are the errors your getting as well what is the Selected OS for install you used on the VM config?

No problem here, I have about 32 vmwares of freepbx and pbxact all working perfectly.

Must be something to do with the environment I have I guess.
As for logs, exactly what logs should I post if asterisk wont start? Is there an install log file?

I guess start with the basics. How much RAM/Processors are you giving it and are you using a 64bit base OS using CentOS as the base for the VMware VM guest?

Not that I think any of this would cause issues but there is always a possibiltiy

@dickson what symptoms are you seeing? what does “asterisk wont start” mean - how are you starting it, what are you expecting, and what are you seeing? Logs are stored in /var/log/asterisk, but clearly something is tipping you off prior to looking at those that things are broken. You havent said what that is.

Removed. I realized I was hijacking this post so I made a new one.