Installing Polycom IP501 with PBX in a Flash

I had installed PBX in a Flash (PiaF) but I am unable to connect a Polycom IP501 to an extension! With Trixbox, I can use the endpoint manager.
Q. Without the endpoint manager, how can I associate an hardware phone (such as Polycom IP501) to an Asterisk extension using FreePBX?

I will assume you just plugged your phone in and it did not work. You will need to create a SIP extension in PBIAF with extension number, password etc. If you look to the left of this page you will see a link that says documentation. Here you will find out how to set up an extension.
If you are trying to provision the Polycom, you will either need to log into the phone via HTTP or set up a FTP or TFTP server on your PBIAF to auto provison your phone. If this is for home use, point your browser to the IP address of the phone and log in using Polycom/456 as user and pswd. (defaults).
The other option is to google “Asterisk Tutorials” and there are a number of writeups and videos on how to set up a Polycom.

You could also use our provisioning tool:

Details here:

It will allow you to provision these kind of devices:
Sipura/Linksys SPA21XX / PAP2 / PAP2T / SPA94X / SPA96X / others
Polycom IP330/IP500/IP4000

It’s free!