Installing PHPMyAdmin

I tried installing PHPMyAdmin on the distro box.
Went throught the process and got the error

The mbstring extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.

I found this comment:

Latest phpMyAdmin versions require mysqli extension and will no longer work with mysql one (note the extra “i” at the end of it’s name).
sudo apt-get install php5-mysql
Will install package containing both old one and the new one, so afterwards all you need to do is to add
in your php.ini, restart apache and it should work.

This worked for me on Ubuntu 12.04. Thanks :

Is this safe to do on the distro system? Am I going to mess anything else up?

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PHPMyAdmin… nope, wouldn’t do it.

Preston is right, why do you need this? Also those instructions are for Debian, distro is CentOS.

Is there a safe way to install hpmyadmin on the distro machine?

Or is there another way to explore the database?

I would never recommend installing something like phpmyadmin with all the security issues it has had over the years.

MySQL commands are simple and easy to learn.

How may I enable remote DB connection from IP
I’d like to publish extensions on a intranet web server.

There are also third party tools SQL tools for Windows/MAC that can connect to the DB.

Frankly, the config database is anything but flat, it is a complex interaction from the modules. If you have to ask how to grant permission to the database from another host then nothing good could possibly come of you poking around in the DB.

With that being said why don’t you tell us what you are trying to accomplish and perhaps we can give you a suggestion on how to accomplish your goals.

I want to dynamically create a xml file with the extensions data to use as network phonebook for all my yealink phones

If you must open the DB and look around, I would say install tools that are desktop based like MySQL Admin, Navicat and I’m sure there are others. The key would be to allow the outside connection for your custom user ONLY from your fixed ip number (hopefully you have one), this would prevent from anyone else trying to connect to the DB in this fashion.

From there you can develop your script from another box ( also granting access from a specific IP ) to READ ONLY the tables which you want to generate your report/xml from.

Keeping things locked down is critical!

As an alternative to installing phpMyAdmin directly on FreePBX, try going into mysql from command line and allowing external access to another linux server (by ip)

Then configure phpmyadmin on *that server to connect to your FreePBX box.

As long as it’s inside your internal network, should be no problem regarding security. If you’re on WAN, you may not want to do that.

All the best.

Unfortunately that solution only passes the inherent phpmyadmin security problems downline (dozens of critical security patches needed every year). I really suggest exploration of a more trustworthy client, how about mysql-client itself either from the Asterisk box or any other machine, the intrinsic acl’s of mysql-server are really very secure but IMHO you REALLY need a root password for [email protected] access, recent root access exploits just emphasize that risk.

(if you really need a gui to help you, then webmin can at least be turned off until you need it)

Or just use mysql workbench which is written by Oracle, it has a handy feature called Tunnel SSH which means it will connect over ssh THEN connect to mysql and yes you can use SSH keys

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That’s cool

it seems this is a good solution for me