Installing PHP 5.3 in AsteriskNOW

Hi everyone,

I have installed an AsteriskNOW 2.0 ISO 64 bits which comes with CentOS 5.8 . After playing with updates, I have Asterisk 1.8.11 and FreePBX up and running with some remote extensions.

My problem comes when I try to protect my system from malintentioned behaviour as you can read in

If I want to use Fail2Ban and IPTables I have to install System Admin module, but it requires PHP 5.3. CentOS comes with PHP 5.1 but I tried using yum to remove 5.1 and then install 5.3 but after doing that, FreePBX showed blank pages.

Do you know what could be the exact steps that I have to follow to accomplish my objectives of protecting my PBX? I don’t mind if I have to start all over installing another Distro. I’m working with a test system.

Thanks a lot,
Álvaro Morillas

I’d suggest you’re probably going about this the really hard way.

There are distros available such as PBX In a Flash that include IPTables and Fail2Ban out of the box.

Thank you simcity,

Do you recommend me that distro or the FreePBX distro available here?


I would recommend the FreePBX Distro available here.

The ISO’s for both FPBX and PIAF are easy to download and install.

PIAF comes with lots of add-ons, FPBX is a bit leaner. I would recommend you download both and see which you prefer.

Yes but if you want to manage fail2ban with the sysadmin module than you need to use the FreePBX Distro as that module was built for the FreePBX Distro.

Thank you all. I installed first PBX in a Flash but there were some problems with my network card, and decided to not waste time trying to fix it, so I installed FreePBX Distro and all is working again successfully, including the modules I wanted to install, which come with the Distro. Wonderful!

I recently had this same issue but am married to AsteriskNOW with some D50 phones (we desire the high-end functionality).

I wish to run some smooze addons that require PHP 5.3 or better.

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.


None of the Schmooze add ons will work with anything but the Distros we explicitly state they are supported in which is FreePBX Distro and PBXiaF 2.0 or newer only.