Installing over a Corrupted install?

Hello i have a simple question. If a install for some odd reason gets Corrupted in anyway shape or form and you try to reinstall it again does it deletes and erases the Bad install from before? Thank you.

It depends what’s corrupted. The data is stored in MySQL, if that’s what you’re asking?

For some odd reason when i did a install more then 3/4 way installing it just froze up for 2 hours nothing no response back. So I’m debating on to reinstall again or not. If it would get rid of the old broken install from before.

You need to have faith in the box from the getgo.

On every server I bring into my network, or for my customers, I download a package called MemTest, and let the server “work” several days testing RAM and the like before moving further with an OS installation like FreePBX.

I would make sure your box is good, and then re-install from scratch.


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