Installing new ringtones for a Cisco 7960

Ok, so I ran into some problems while trying to find a good answer for this problem. How in the world do you install ringtones on freepbx with a Cisco 7960. After digging around for a few hours and reading several dead ends, I found this:

It reads:

"The Cisco SIP IP phone ships with two ring types: Chirp1 and Chirp2. By
default, your ring type options will be those two choices. However,
using the RINGLIST.DAT file, you can customize the ring types that are
available to the Cisco SIP IP phone users.

Step 1
Create a pulse code modulation (PCM) file of the desired ring
types and store the PCM files in the root directory of your TFTP server.
PCM files must contain no header information and comply with the
following format guidelines:

8000 Hz sampling rate
8 bits per sample
ulaw compression
240 - 16080 samples long ( 0.03 sec - 2.01 sec )

For example, to use sox to generate the tones, use

sox -t wav in.wav -t raw -r 8000 -U -b -c 1 out.raw resample -ql

Step 2
Using a ASCII editor, open the RINGLIST.DAT file and for each
of the ring types you are adding, specify the name as you want it to
display on the Ring Type menu, press Tab, and then specify the filename
of the ring type. For example, the format of a pointer in your
RINGLIST.DAT file should appear similar to the following:

Ring Type 1 ringer1.pcm

Step 3
After defining pointers for each of the ring types you are
adding, save your modifications and close the RINGLIST.DAT file.

If you have configured a secondary tftp-server(ie. dyn_tftp_addr : in SIPDefault.cnf, or SIP.cnf which cannot be reached then the phone will not attempt to download the RINGLIST.DAT file. "

I wanted to post it here just incase i get old and forget how to do it, or if there are others out there looking for the same answer!! I followed these steps exactly as written, and they work great!

Hope this is helpful to others!!


Just verifying… The Cisco 7960 IP Phone will NOT work with .raw ringer files. Correct? They must be .pcm?