Installing FreePBX with USB

I’m having issues installing FreePBX from a USB onto a new Dell PowerEdge. I’ve followed, to the best of my knowledge, some of the great instructions here in the forums but feel I may be missing something.

I’ve attempted the install using both the unetbootin and iso2usb approach. Both throw the “kickstarter” not found error despite constantly hitting OK as indicated in the instructions. I’m forced to hit Cancel to move forward. At that point…

When the USB is formatted using unetbootin I get an “image#1 cannot be found” in the CentOS setup.

When USB is built using the iso2usb. I can get through the CentOS install but nothing else is installed. No asterisk, no FreePBX.

I did notice when building the USB using unetbootin, there are more files then the iso2usb approach.

I’ve added nousbstorage to the syslinux.confg as recommended.

Thank you in advance

I’ve always run into the same problem so I just use a USB CD-ROM drive.

I spent probably 3 hours today trying to get this to work. Alas, I found a guide but it seemed like an awful lot of trouble for something so basic.

I ended up cannibalizing a dvd-rom from a coworker’s computer while he was at lunch, and installing using a USB to IDE adapter.

It’s a shame, but FreePBX is totally worth the hassle. Don’t give up!

Someday when I get a spare 8 hours I am going to change our build servers to auto build a USB image each time we compose a new ISO. Just need to find the time.

Your comments on here have saved me several times. Let me know if I can help.

thanks! when you run it from the external USB cd-rom do you run into any issues?

I plan to pick one up today. Need to get this up and running by Saturday.

Thanks Tony and Fluffy… please post when that is available! Would like to stay on top of this as a solution.

I wonder how other people got it to work? Could it be the USB? The type of server? I would think with a new Dell PowerEdge there wouldn’t be an issue.

The problem lies in the kickstart files. ISO2USB works, but it ONLY install CentOS. It doesn’t know to modify the files for FreePBX.

Note that using a USB CD-ROM works fine. If you MUST use a flash drive, check this out: