Installing FreePBX using the netinstall

I am trying to get a test server with the FreePBX distro up on the Amazon EC2. I found a way to do an install using a kickstart file and netinstall.

Install works until I get to the package install portion, once there it keeps failing with this error:

You have specified that the package ‘asterisk18-curl-’ should be installed. This package does not exist. Would you like to continue or abort this installation?

It did the same on “asterisk18-doc-” and “asterisk18-addons-core-” I removed from the list just to see how far it would get.

I am using the kickstart-netinstall.cfg file off of the ISO (Stable-1.817.210.62) with modifications so it will set the Password and time zone automatically.

Has anyone ran into this issue in installing using the netinstall? Is netinstall even still available scene freepbx distro moved over to a “Full” install iso?

Thank you for you time.


We have not had a netinstall in quite sometime so not sure what scripts you are trying to use.


I pulled the netinstall kickstart file off of the ISO of the most recent releases.

Thank you for the reply, I will try something different.

That is old remnant files in the ISO. We do not build or maintain a netinstall anymore. Sorry