Installing FreePBX on Centos 7?

FreePBX Beta is compatible with Centos 7? There is something in the testing phase for Centos 7?

I think it’s not (read, as example, here <- read the comment provided); probably CentOS 7 support is (a spot) on FreePBX Developer’s big ultra fine radar…but I don’t believe there is actually any ongoing testing phase (at least officially and externally available) for FreePBX 2.11 and/or FreePBX 12 on CentOS 7. Also keep in mind that FreePBX Distro (Stable and Beta) is actually based on SHMZ OS 6.5 Linux (which is based on CentOS 6.5) so, IMHO, they (Developers) may plan to release a SHMZ OS 7 Linux in a far/near future (to be used on FreePBX Distro) before (or after?) releasing/testing/certifying any FreePBX 2.11 and/or FreePBX 12 install on a stock CentOS 7. May I be wrong totally or partially, these are only my personal speculations and I’ve a limited events’ horizon…so these are my 2 cents.

People have FreePBX running just fine on centos 7. Note there is a bit of a learning curve from 6 to 7 as it was a massive update in the core way centos does things. If you are a Debian person, a lot of the changes should be second nature

Well…the point is always the same: what does he means for compatible?

If it’s just for (personal) testing then everybody can test it on its own (it’s just a test)…if then we’re asking some support on it if something doesn’t run as expected…the answers we can then receive may vary (from: “what you’re trying is not actually supported” to: “OK, let we see how can we solve your issue with it even if we don’t support it currently”). Isn’t it?

Thanks everyone, Beta 30 FreePBX installed and configured successfully on Centos 7.

In the installation process occurred some php errors, but the system itself is functioning properly.