Installing freepbx on a server with asterisk already installed

we have installed asterisk 1.4.22 on our centos 5.2 server. I see through this thread ( asterisk 1.6 is compatible with freepbx.

How do we install freepbx, latest 2.5.0 on our server with centos 5.2 that already has asterisk 1.4.22 or 1.6? Also do we need to install asterisk-addons?

We will not be needing zaptel as our server will have no pstn cards. Plus from what I read asterisk is moving from zaptel to dandi. And our server has new kernel than zapel need 2.6.18. our’s is 2.6.25 and 26.

Start reading here:, when you get to the installation section, there is a set of documentation for installing on CentOS 5.1. As long as you follow the directions and install just newer versions of things you are safe.

Addons are needed if you want things like the CDR reports, etc.

  • 1.6 is supported and does work, but in that it just went final release just a few weeks ago there are still things that seem to pop up as not working perfectly or needing coding adjustments.

So if you are looking for the safer road use 1.4, but 1.6 will and does work. You can always down the road upgrade asterisk later without it effecting FreePBX.

but did have a couple of issues (two bugs, one in asterisk and one in freepbx), both of which are (I believe) resolved. Search the forums here just to make sure, since I think there may have been other issues…