Installing freepbx on a centos 5.2 server

On our server which is located at a datacenter it is centos 5.2 We were unable to disable selinux which was instructed on freepbx for installing on centos 5.1. we asked our datacenter and they said it cannot be done and they advise not to disable selinux.

Has anyone been successful installing freepbx on a centos 5.2 with selinux enable?


I am trying to install freepbx latest version available but after installtion i come to know that some of the tables were not created in asterisk db.

i checked the newinstall.sql and found out that they are not there can anyone help me with that i copy and paste the newinstall.sql here

it’s missing custom_extensions and custom_destinations tables which i found out and i am getting hard time getting up help from anyone or i am the only one having this issue?


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Uninstall Custom Applications from Module Admin, then install it again.

if you have root access to the box you can disable it. edit the /etc/selinux/config file and change the SELINUX= line s othat it say’s disabled, then reboot.

It’s not straight forward or easy as that is asterisk’s requirement. I’m guessing if you do some good googleing you might find some configuration files that might work. Last time I went searching it was a work in progress and you’ll have to continue to tweak it as things are added and enabled.

when we tried to disable selinux on our server, our server would not reboot. Talked to our datacenter and they said you might beable to disable it for only freepbx or have selinux ignor freepbx but they did not know if this would work. So we decided not to disable at all. did not want to mess up the server.

I was hoping others may have found a solution.

The problem is you’ll need to disable it for many, many more programs then FreePBX. FYI: disabling it does not mess up the server. It’s just a program that does not run. You’ll also have to disable it for apache, mysql, php, asterisk and a few others…

If you ‘console’ access to your sever, you may be able to see what is bugging up with selinux disabled.

If you will tell who is you provider, someone with knowledge of their systems may help.

our datacenter is

Funny, I thought as much.

Well i have one too and it is running a charm.
So let me just check my config and I’ll post right back

OK, from a clean ‘reimage’,
edit file, /etc/selinux/config



DO NOT Update the kernel; 1and1 use all sorts of non standard hardware drivers.

Installing Zaptel will be a whooping pain in the ***, because you’ll not find kernel source to match your running kernel. I skipped Zaptel and my system works fine.

If you have problems on reboot you should watch the console for errors.

(Console is availibel via ssh (PuTTy), check your administration page at


I’m having trouble to install asterisk on centos 5.2 I was following step by step provided on and I installed everything smooth until I stopped when I’m trying to do ./configure I’m having the following isses: configure:error: *** termcap support not found

I’m not a linux guru, so pls if you can help and give me the command line as well, that will be helpful and I appreciate that.


yum groupinstall
‘Web Server’
‘MySQL Database’
‘System Tools’
‘DNS Name Server’ \
‘Network Servers’
‘Mail Server’
‘Yum Utilities’
‘Development Libraries’

just copy and past the entire ‘paragraph’ to the command shell.

I agree . . . don’t do that.

However, there’s a question dated May 2008 wherein the “where the heck is the custom_destinations table” is asked and there’s no response.

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